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Yes. The SomnoDent® MAD has been used by more than 600,000 sleep apnoea patients worldwide. The effectiveness of the treatment for sleep apnoea is clinically proven by multiple research studies. The innovative SomnoDent devices are ISO certified and FDA approved and are recommended by sleep specialists in 28 countries across the world.

No. SomnoDent® MADs are very comfortable to wear thanks to the patented design and flexible lining material. You can close your lips, speak, and even drink while wearing your MAD. Because the forces are evenly distributed over the teeth, after a very short period of getting used to it, wearing the splint will become normal for you. Because SomnoDent® MADs are small and discreet they are easy to take with you when travelling.

Due to the very high quality of the material, you can use your SomnoDent® device for several years, on average they last for around 5-7 years. The fine adjustment can be corrected by a specialist at any time. Careful cleaning and care ensures optimal oral hygiene and protects against discoloration or odours. The two-year guarantee against material defects provided by the manufacturer also testifies to a clear commitment to outstanding quality.

An improvement in your sleep apnoea is very unlikely without appropriate treatment. A statistical connection between sleep apnoea and various, sometimes life-threatening, diseases has now been scientifically proven. For example, if you successfully treat your sleep apnoea, you can significantly reduce your risk of heart attack. So why wait when SomnoDent® treatment is easy?

Unfortunately there are still a limited number of NHS sleep services who provide MADs for the treatment of sleep apnoea, meaning that many patients have to pay privately. At SomnoMed we are working very hard to prove the efficacy and cost effectiveness of MADs to the NHS, based on extensive clinical research, to ensure that no one with sleep apnoea is left untreated. We hope that in the future all NHS sleep services will offer MADs as an alternative to CPAP where appropriate.

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